Nykøbing Falster

These two last weeks in Denmark –note that the time reference shall be understood precisely in its double sense: both as the former weeks and the very last of my life in this country—we have been “homeless” leaving in a summer hut at the beach of Marielyst, in the island of Falster.


This was an agreed selfie I took while looking to the CT Scan.

On the 2. August, the knee immobilizer I got after my operation was removed in Kolding. Unfortunately, I must keep walking with two clutches the next 4 weeks.

Today, I received by mail a DVD with all the X-Rays and a detailed report of the approach. Once in Quito a trauma surgeon will need to go through it –probably as experienced, but never as handsome as my Danish doc–.

I was sent to physical therapy right after the immobilizer was removed. The health system in Denmark is worthy to praise. As I notified in Kolding that I was moving to another municipality, the hospital sent the information to Guldborgsund kommune. I started two phisiotherapy sessions this week at an incredibly well-equipped rehabilitation center.

It was in this fountain that we danced after graduating 25 years ago. Now my family enjoys it :)

It was at this fountain we danced after graduating 25 years ago. Now my family enjoys it.

When in Nykøbing F. I feel at home. Here no one speaks English nor any other language apart from Danish to me, and being Ecuadorian in Nykøbing F. is quite normal. For instance, the lady weaving baskets at the Middelaldercentret we visited three years ago had just sent his grandson abroad to Ambato, Ecuador as an exchange student.

Though the best happened on Monday. Nikolai, my physiotherapist, told me he had been in Guayaquil, Ecuador for 11 years ago visiting his girlfriend from that time. He met her in school. She was, as me, an exchange student at Nykøbing Katedralskole. We had a nice chat. He is very sweet and patient and made for me a very good program to continue physiotherapy upon arrival and until I find professional help at home. The health system in Ecuador is quite different, but I hope that I will be entitled to visit the physiotherapy center at my University in Quito.

On my way back to the summer hut, I asked my Danish dad to stop at my old high-school. It looks almost the same as 25 years ago when I left it. The surroundings have changed a little, but the building looks the same. I took this picture at the front door in the same place where all my class made a group picture wearing our graduation caps. Mine was a “fake” hue, which I bought myself and put it on, since I did not take the exams.

Nykøbing Katedralskole.

Nykøbing Katedralskole.

It is quite weird that 25 years after, if the defense of my dissertation succeeds this Friday, I will finally achieve a real Danish degree.



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