Visiting hours

piernisBy now, I have been an entire week at the hospital. The first days were just exams and consults. The operation took place on Wednesday. It was a major surgery for which I thought I was prepared , as I have gone through this before. But I really wasn´t. The human body is very smart, it forgets entirely the worst things. I have forgotten all the pain. I am not sure if it is the cut on both sides of my leg, the holes in the bone to place the plate and nails, or the broken bone, or the mixture of all of this…

I have been moved to three different rooms during this time. It was good though, that the night after the operation I was in a room alone . But yesterday, I moved to a third room, together with a grandma who has a plastered arm. She must be in her nineties. She never looks at me. Probably I am too exotic to share a room with her. I really don´t feel like talking nor sharing with anybody. But I was taught to be gentle, and say “good morning”, “good afternoon” and “good evening”. I never get a reply back when I pass in front of her bed in my way to the toilet. The screen that divides the room is closed and I don´t see her the rest of the time. But I hear her, and all her family.

Visiting hours in this area are only on the afternoons. The reason is clear: we all have been through horrible treatments and need time to get cleaned, receive medication, exercise movement and rest. Grandmas’ acquaintances don’t care. They arrive at 10 in the morning and start talking, talking, talking, and talking. Yelling and laughing. My nurse gently asked them to move to the waiting room, they rejected. They have travelled from Copenhagen to visit her and are in their right to be here, they argue. My nurse is gentle and young; Grandmas’ Copenhagen son who raises his voice and makes his will threatens her. I hate them.

Grandma is fine today, she must go home. But she does not want to go home alone. Here, her family visits her; she enjoys having them. Early in the morning she asked the nurse to keep her here until Monday. I just want to sleep. I received morphine, the leg doesn’t hurt any longer but I feel dizzy, tired and horrible. And I can’t rest, soon it will be 10 and the Copenhagen party will start again. I am going home after lunch.

Never, ever in life disdain schedules and visiting hours. Please remember me.

P.S I am not going anywhere today, first tomorrow if the pills work 😦



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