Operation Sundhed 2.0

radioI am programmed for surgery early tomorrow, to stabilize a tibia fracture resulting from a bike accident last Thursday.

This will require fixation of two titanium plates in my right leg. I already have two plates and two nails in my body, which allow me to walk and write, after a car accident more than 10 years ago. I know how painful operations can be and how horrible it is to depend on crutches. I would have preferred not to repeat it ever. But… such is life.

On the morning, I received a typical “medical visit”. In less than five minutes the procedure and timing was explained and before I digested the information, the doctor had already left. Actually, on his way to the door I managed to ask for his last name, since I couldn’t read it as the card on his pocket was upside down.

A quick Google search provided me with his e-mail address, 3 papers on ResearchGate (on topics not precisely related to my case) and his title as “overlæge” (chief surgeon) at this hospital.

I sent him an e-mail, asking to show me the x-rays, the CT scan and to explain me “pedagogically” the procedure. At the same time, I wrote to my freaky-geek friends at my department, asking them to take part on what I named as “Operation Sundhed 2.0” (Operation Health 2.0).

Modern “miracles” happen. Suddenly the Wi-Fi went down. I called the nurse, just as if I were at an office. I made fun with her and said that I had a “technical problem”. She told me the Wi-Fi was gone in the whole building. A second after, my doctor came into my room. He said he saw my email but did not had time to read it and then he had no longer Internet and couldn’t work. He decided to come by. He couldn’t bring the exams as there was no Wi-Fi, but would like to make a drawing of the procedure. Pen and paper in hand.

dibujoHe went through the drawing, explained how the bone was injured, and why he will like to install two titanium plates on both sides of the bone. He sat down long, explained carefully and left. As soon as he left, the Wi-Fi signal came back. Smile.

He sounds as an interesting and competent doctor. My geek friends came out with a number of other publications and research, as well as activities and associations in which he has been chair, and information about other people that have worked together with him. My worries about the medical procedure are all  blurred after a nice comprehensive offline talk with MY surgeon.

bambiThis is the longest day of the year. Sun still shines and a raindeer was standing just in front of my window. Have I mentioned that my surgeon is also handsome? Operation Sundhed 2.0. Completed!