Nord Sjælland

I believe that proper nouns should not be translated, but in this particular case putting together “s”, “j” and “æ” turns a little bit difficult to pronounce, if you are not familiar with Danish; therefore, the English translation “North Zealand” is of much help. SDU’s International Office arranged a visit to the north of the island of Sjælland (north from Copenhagen) for international staff + families at the end of April. We visited the modern art museum of Lousiana, the castle of Kronborg and the palace of Frederiksborg.

LousianaDSCF2637A bus departed from Esbjerg early in the morning, picked us up at the bus terminal in Kolding, stopped in Odense where international staff from the main campus hopped in and drove straightly to the museum of Louisiana. We had less than 2 hours to visit it, which was a pity as there were many things to visit and see. Time is never enough for visiting a new place nor a museum with different expositions.

KronborgDSCF2810Unfortunately we had no luck with the weather, and we couldn’t actually appreciate the beautiful houses and gardens in the surroundings of Helsingøre in our way to the next stop: the castle of Kronborg.

We arrived just on time to meet “Horatio”, the last guard of the castle and Hamlet’s friend, who was desperately waiting for us to tell the last accounts of what have happened in this place.


Part of SDU international staff at Kronborg’s gardens.


Horatio and my daughters.

Unexpectedly we became active performers of Hamlet’s play and ran behind Horatio, up and down the castle gardens to see where the ghost of the King has appeared. Horatio ran to the basement and so did us. Then we went to the living room where we met another actress, the busy “royal housekeeper” who greeted us and rush to be ready for the royal visit. We went to the library and the ball room following the story of Hamlet. It was an amazingly nice way to visit the castle and be part of the play. This guided tour is called “In Hamlet’s footsteps“. Once Hamlet was over, we had some time left to visit Holger Danske and the casemates of the castle.


Afterwards we went to our hostel, Tisvilde Hostel, located a little to the south of Helsingøre. After dinner, the rainy clouds were almost gone and we could take a 2 km. walk to see the sunset at the beach. In the afternoon, we had time for networking and getting to know the people from the different departments and campuses that joined this trip.

FrederiksborgDSCF2901Next morning, after breakfast we went to Frederiksborg an impressive Renaissance castle situated in Hillerød.  We had a guided tour around the castle, the church and the gardens (Frederiksborg video DRKtv). The fabulous end of the trip was a lunch at Leonora Café at the Palace.

It was a wonderful trip. Anette Møller, international coordinator of SDU, made this trip a fabulous one. I must say that this is not the first trip that my family and I have enjoyed together with the international staff from SDU – Jylland. Last year we visited the Viking Market in Ribe, which was such an interesting site and last Christmas we visited Tønder, the most beautiful Christmas market in the country and a very cozy old town.

P.S. This beautiful weekend in Nord Sjælland was grieved by the notice that at the same time my country, Ecuador was struck by a powerful earthquake of 7.8 magnitude (after the earthquake, how to help).



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